Drop of Water Onto Surface of Water
Letter to a Doctor
Water is for everyone, fluoridation toxins are not


April 3, 2011

Doctor David A. Leduc
5307 Canotek Rd, # 300
Ottawa, Ontario
K1J 9M2

Dear Dr. Leduc

We need water for hydration because we get thirsty, because our body needs it. It's needed to live.

When you add a substance such as chlorine to tap water to make it more drinkable, to kill harmful bacteria, it's water treatment, no doubt about that.

When you add a substance to tap water to treat an illness or disease, such as to either prevent or to treat tooth decay, as is claimed for fluoridation, using hydrofluorosilicic acid, are you not adding a drug to tap water? By definition, it's medication, isn't it?

Anyone who tries to tell you different is lying to you whether they know it or not or may want to admit it. Why should you or I be forced to take medication that we don't need? Why should you or I be forced to take medication for which we are not told the side effects or for which we are NOT told of any possible harm it may do to any part of our body?

We should not be forced to take medication that's already in our water unless it's prescribed by a qualified professional medical practitioner. When you normally take medication, you take it separately with a glass of water, not already in the water that gets poured into the glass or unless you have chosen to put it in there as prescribed by a doctor. Right?

Fluoridation is medication that has been put in there without your explicit consent or without any oversight as is required of any medication. Whoever tells you something different is lying to you.

One major hurdle with putting this acid into tap water is that it is an unregulated, untested, untreated, uncontrolled and unpurified, highly hazardous, toxic waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry unlawfully used as a fluoridating agent in our tap water.

The EPA classifies this acid as a toxic product that can not be dumped into the air, the ground or any lake, stream or ocean. Yet, the industry puts it into a tanker truck, ships it to your water utility and as if by some kind of magic, by the time it gets to your tap water it has become a beneficial substance useful in preventing or reducing tooth decay. Absolutely incredible and totally illogical.

When challenged under its own ethics code to produce peer reviewed scientific evidence that water fluoridation has improved public health as claimed, the CDC admitted in writing to the Lillie Center of Georgia, U.S., that there is no scientific evidence to support the claim.

The additional problem also created here by this situation is that you can take as much or as little as you want, without supervision or without follow-up for side-effects, because it's in the water and you can drink as much or as little water as you want or need. There's no control on the dosage. They can control the concentration of the fluoridation substance that goes into the water, but no one can control how much water you drink unless your consumption is closely monitored.

So, even at 0.7 parts per million, or 0.7 mg per litre, same thing, a person who drinks 8 glasses of water (two litres) will consume 1.4 mg in a day, but an athlete will easily drink as much as 6 litres per day, that's 4.2 mg of the drug that's been put in the water. Firefighters and military personnel in the field can consume up to 10 litres or more in a day. That's 7 mg or more per day, which is far in excess of the maximum contaminant level for this substance recommended by the EPA. So, does controlling the concentration provide a safe level for everyone? What about those who are chemically or environmentally sensitive? For some people, 0.1 mg per litre in the water can be very harmful. Is it unsafe for them?

Then there's the problem that having put this fluoridation substance in the water, it gets into everything that you cook or any food you prepare with it. You boil your vegetables to cook them: this actually concentrates the fluoride because it gets into the foods you cook. It gets into everything that food processors put together for us to eat or drink. So, it gets into most store bought beverages, beer, soft drinks, and it gets into all of the canned foods we buy; it also gets into the bread and pastries prepared for us by well meaning people without a second thought that they could be poisoning some of us with the fluoridated water they use in their preparation. Why? Because some misguided authorities claim that it's safe and effective when it is neither of these.

One very important thing that's been happening over the past sixty years is that degenerative diseases or illnesses have been on the increase in spite of our country being one of the most medically advanced in the world. Concurrently, we have been putting a toxic fluoridation substance in our water in more and more communities on an incremental basis. Arthritis, ADHD, ADD, diabetes, dental fluorosis, liver disease, thyroid problems, and so many more have increased simultaneously. Is there a connection? Some researchers are beginning to admit that there is. Why? Because fluorine in any fluoride is the most chemically reactive element on earth.

Do you get the picture? Do you understand how you are swallowing this horrible chemical without a second thought that it might be doing you harm? This acid is endangering your health and mine. Everyone is susceptible to fluorine's ill effects. It's just a matter of how each individual reacts to it. For some it's early in life. For others, it's near the end of their life or in between. There is no valid reason to maintain this stupid practice anywhere. You should help bring an end to this misguided practice started in Ottawa with insufficient information in November 1965.



Richard Hudon for
Fluoridation-Free Ottawa – Ottawa Libre de Fluoration,
1385 Matheson Rd
Ottawa, Ontario
K1J 8B5 — 613-747-7157
Let's get fluoride out of our drinking water.
http://ffo-olf.org/ — ffo-olf@rogers.com
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