Drops of Water Onto Surface of Water
Fluoride Free Restaurants
Isn't tap water great? Yes, but many of us can NOT drink it.
Water is for everyone, fluoridation toxins are not

Ottawa, Ontario

The Green Door, 198 Main Street, K1S 1C6
Phone: 613.234.9597 - Fax: 613.234.6771
info@thegreendoor.ca - http://www.thegreendoor.ca/
The Table Vegetarian Restaurant, 1230 Wellington St
info@thetablerestaurant.com - http://thetablerestaurant.com/
to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa

hopdoddy Burger Bar, 1400 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX
Phone: (512) 243-7505 & 2 other locations (2012.10.31)
email: soco@hopdoddy.com - http://hopdoddy.com/
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Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

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Ask your favourite restaurant, or any restaurant in your neighbourhood, to join in cleaning up our water.
When you go for a meal/drink, be armed with a petition or official statement for them to sign, something like the example below.
If your feeling a bit bold, you could ask the owner/manager: “Do you filter your water before serving it to your customers, or using it to prepare beverages and the food you serve them? I want to eat fluoride free food and drink fluoride free water.”


Dear Councillor,

I am a restaurant owner in your (ward) in (your City). My customers are asking me to remove fluoride from the water and beverages I serve to them and use when cooking their food. Removing the fluoride with a filtration or distillation system would cost my business a lot of money. It would make more sense for everyone if the city was to stop adding fluoride chemicals to our drinking water. It is not necessary. If Fluoride works at all, it does so by being applied onto the teeth not from inside the body, and there are many proved health concerns from swallowing food and drink with Fluoride in it.



Then deliver the petition or official letter to your city or town hall, for forwarding to the appropriate recipient.