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Sample Municipal Resolution
Isn't tap water great? Yes, but many of us can NOT drink it.
Water is for everyone, fluoridation toxins are not

The safe level for arsenic and mercury in food, water and beverages is zero. They are cancer causing. The safe level of lead is also set at zero because it is a known neurotoxin; the fluorine element that is part of the fluoride chemical used in water fluoridation is also a proven neurotoxin and has been known to cause cancer since 1988. Yet, a fluoride chemical containing those contaminants is being added to our water supply for the unfounded claim that it is medicine that may prevent tooth decay for a minority of children.

Let's then understand the water fluoridation situation knowing the above. Our water treatment plant purifies the water from the Ottawa River to the point where it is drinkable, made potable as they say, using various expensive filtration and chemical processes, then once the water is purified, the water treatment plant adds an unapproved, untested and unregulated, highly hazardous, toxic waste product to it called hydrofluorosilicic acid as a fluoridation chemical that contains cancer causing substances and other toxic substances in it claiming it has tooth decay prevention properties without any objective, valid, substantiating evidence!

Yet, according to Health Canada's own regulations, it's illegal. How can that be, when Health Canada medical bureaucrats themselves promote water fluoridation?

There is an easy way to understand the fluoridation issue. You don't need to understand the science at all.

There are three inherent flaws with water fluoridation:

First of all, it doesn't do it's intended function. It was designated as tooth decay prevention, to benefit the teeth.Science has shown over past decades that it does nothing beneficial for the teeth. In fact, it does a lot of deleterious things down the road like mottling of the teeth, as well as other skeletal changes. So it's not doing what it was supposed to do.

Number two, it's NOT fluoride. We talk about fluoride like it's just this general term. In Ottawa, it's hydrofluorosilicic acid. It's a waste product from the fertilizer industry. The EPA does not allow it to be dumped in landfills, into the air, into rivers and lakes or the ocean, but somehow we can put it into our water supply. So it's not fluoride. It's a dirty chemical.

And the last thing is, there's no dosage control. A little infant who is fed formula, the majority of their diet is water, and usually it's tap water, it's not spring water that has no fluoride in it. So, a small baby will drink more water for his or her weight than you will for your weight. It's the only drug that's administered without a prescription.

This is mass medication and if we continue with fluoridation, we are going to see all kinds of medications intentionally added to our water supply and we will have no say in being medicated or not. That decision will be taken out of doctor's hands and into the hands of bureaucrats who think they know better than doctors everywhere.
Source: Dr. Griffin Cole, DDS, PhD, Austin, TX.

Water engineers all over the country will tell you that we drink less than 1% of the water supply that we treat at our water treatment plants. That means that over 99% of the drug that we put into the water does not get to the intended children, approximately 16% of the population. It is well known in dentistry that only than 50% of the suppoed beneficial fluorine element actually gets to the teeth, the rest being excreted and stored in people's bones and other body tissues.

If this method of medicating against tooth decay works at all by ingestion, we are wasting approximately 99.92% of our tax dollars while polluting the environment with this toxic acid. That is then not a very effective way of delivering this drug to the intended target: children's teeth.

Therefore, I propose that the City of Ottawa adopt a resolution as follows:

WHEREAS the effectiveness of water fluoridation on oral and dental health has never been proven by legitimate, valid, unbiased, substantiated and objective research, and new reports from the York Review (British Dental Journal) and the Medical Research Council in U.K. demonstrate that adding a fluoride substance to drinking water is in effectiveness in preventing tooth decay;

AND WHEREAS Health Canada neither tests nor regulates the use of silicofluorides such as hydrofluorosilicic acid or its synonyms for use as medication in municipal water supplies;

AND WHEREAS fluoride substances have been shown to be harmful to some people, including diabetics, people with kidney disease, babies, the elderly, children and subgroups of the population as determined by the Scientific Review of EPA's Standards, Fluoride in Drinking Water, 2006;

AND WHEREAS a medication without a doctor's prescription is being given to an entire population, each member of which has not given his or her consent and each member's need for which has not been identified;

AND WHEREAS it is unethical to medicate anyone without their consent as predicated by recognized medical and pharmaceutical protocol;

AND WHEREAS over 99% of the city' water is not used for human consumption, therefore 99% of the medicinal substance and all associated tax dollars are thus wasted;

AND WHEREAS it has been conclusively shown that the hydrofluorosilicic acid used in water fluoridation contains Lead, cancer causing substances such as Mercury, Fluorine, Arsenic, Uranium 238 and other toxic substances;

AND WHEREAS the U.S. EPA and Health Canada have no empirical scientific data on the effects of fluosilicic acid (a.k.a. hydrofluorosilicic acid) or sodium silicofluoride (a.k.a. sodium hexafluorosilicate) on health and behaviour;

AND WHEREAS the U.S. EPA has an outstanding ban on fluorosilicates such as the hydrofluorosilicic acid used to fluoridate Ottawa 's water supply because it's a toxic contaminant;

AND WHEREAS an NRC Canada report dated 1977 shows beyond any doubt that fluoride substances produced adverse health effects on some individuals and on farm animals exposed to or ingesting fluoride substances;

AND WHEREAS eleven U.S. EPA employee unions representing over 7,000 environmental and public health professionals of the Civil Service have called for a moratorium on drinking water fluoridation programs in the U.S.A.;

AND WHEREAS two EPA scientists have confirmed that the safety standards for water fluoridation in America are based on fraudulent science;

AND WHEREAS there are no toxicological or human studies on hydrofluorosilicic acid that prove that it is safe to use as required by Health Canada regulations;

AND WHEREAS over 3800 professionals worldwide, from dozens of professions, have signed a professional statement rejecting the practice of water fluoridation;

AND WHEREAS the vast majority of European countries reject water fluoridation outright on various legitimate grounds;

AND WHEREAS waste water purification treatment plants can not remove fluoride substances, and the resulting fluoride contained therein is released into our waterways;

AND WHEREAS fluoride is toxic and bio-accumulative and we now have conclusive proof of adverse consequences of it on plants and wildlife;

AND WHEREAS fluoridated water is not a necessary health measure for those who practice good oral health measures and that there are much more effective and less costly methods for the people who need it such as education in schools and the distribution of toothbrushes;

AND WHEREAS fluoridated water is not a necessary health measure for those who have lost their teeth and for infants who do not yet have teeth in their mouths;

AND WHEREAS the cessation or absence of fluoridation has never resulted in any adverse health effects or any increase in dental decay;

AND WHEREAS it can cost approximately of $20,000 per patient to repair tooth fluorosis over the lifetime of any particular individual and that over 40% of children between the ages of 12 and 15 in North America suffer from this disease;

AND WHEREAS The American Medical Association prior to 1945 had always validly presented fluoride substances as proscribed for human use due to recognized adverse health effects;

AND WHEREAS all of the above statements can be verified from reliable sources;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City of Ottawa, for the protection of the health of its residents, hereby declares a moratorium on fluoridation of its drinking water effective immediately until valid, objective and reliable proof is obtained contrary to all of the assertions in this resolution.

For more information, please contact us at 613-747-7157;, text: 613-852-8692

Richard Hudon, Fluoridation-Free Ottawa