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Morin, Graham and Parent - "Fluoridation"
  Committee On Fluoride In Drinking Water. Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology. Division of Earth and Life Studies. National Research Council (US) of the National Academies. Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standard, 2006, pages 86-87. Water is for everyone,

fluoridation toxins are not.


    “Dental enamel is formed by matrix-mediated biomeneralization. Crystallites of hydroxyapatite (Ca10H(PO4)6(OH)22) form a complex protein matrix that serves as a nucleation site (Newbrun 1986). The matrix consists primarily of amelogenin, proteins synthesized by secretory ameloblasts that have a functional role in establishing and maintaining the spacing between enamel crystallites. Full mineralization of enamel occurs when amelogenin fragments are removed from the extra-cellular space."

    “The improper mineralization that occurs with enamel fluorosis is thought to be due to inhibition of the matrix proteinases responsible for removing amelogenin fragments. The delay in removal impairs crystal growth and makes the enamel more porous (Bronekers et al. 2002). DenBesten et al. (2002) showed that rats exposed to fluoride in drinking water at 50 or 100 mg/L had lower total proteinase activity per unit of protein than control rats. Fluoride apparently interferes with protease activities by decreasing free Ca2+ concentrations in the mineralizing milieu (Aoba and Fejerskov 2002).”

    “Matsuo et al. (1998) investigated the mechanism of enamel fluorosis in rats administered sodium fluoride (NaF2) at 20 mg/kg by subcutaneous injections for 4 days or at 240 mg/L in drinking water for 4 weeks. They found that fluoride alters intracellular transport in the secretory ameloblasts and suggested that G proteins play a role in the transport disturbance. They found different immunoblotting-and-pertussis-toxin-sensitive G proteins on the rough endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi membranes of the germ cells of rats' incisor teeth.”

    Technical as this information may be, its impact is truly astounding. Considering that fluorine compounds such as hexafluorosilicic acid and its synonyms can cause that much damage to growing teeth, what can it do to the active cells in your body, cells that are in a constant state of change, growth and maturation? Where one can get confused is when you hear the vaunted blandishments of authorities favouring artificial water fluoridation without them even having considered new evidence from modern research studies completed since the inception of this barbaric practice. All such recent studies are showing anywhere form mild to extremely strong deleterious health effects.

    Yet, modern authorities still base their convictions on data from the 1940's and the 1950's that were manipulated and marketed to sell a toxic waste substance for the hidden agenda of industrialists' eliminating their problem of disposing of a very toxic waste product while increasing their wealth at our expense. That purpose was hidden by the promise of benefit to the decaying teeth of children from the lower classes of society and all others suffering from endemic dental carries by systemic fluoridation. That promise has since been completely refuted by solid scientific data.

    Even the recently adopted new paradigm that fluoride substances are most effective when applied topically to teeth is being seriously called into question by the very chemical processes known to be involved in that kind of application. In addition, most children are prone to swallowing fluorine compounds when treated with them whether at their dentists office, in their toothpaste or in their mouthwashes, not to mention the fluorine compounds found in the processed foods they eat and those ingested from other sources. This total ingestion is going to prove very harmful to them in time, and they and their parents will never suspect the actual source of the illnesses that they will develop as a result of the ingestion of this type of slow, long term acting, stealth poison.

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