Drops of Water Onto Surface of Water
Isn't tap water great? Yes, but many of us can NOT drink it.
Water is for everyone, fluoridation toxins are not

Fluoride over-dose (dental fluorosis) is now pandemic in fluoridated areas
When the panacea becomes the poison, whose responsibility is it?

Dental Caries, Benefits over-rated?, Dental Fluorosis, Bone, Neurological, Cancer/mutagenicity, Reproductive, Health Effects, Environmental, Deaths/poisoning, Ethics/legal, Fraud/errors, Suppression/persecution, Definitions, Quotables

SYNOPSIS  (local submissions - a good overview of the subject):

  • calgaryb.htm (by Elke Babiuk, Director Health Action Network Society, Alberta Chapter), and
  • calgaryh.htm (by David R. Hill, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary)


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    A review of recent scientific literature reveals a consistent pattern of evidence -- hip fractures, skeletal fluorosis, the effect of fluoride on bone structure, fluoride levels in bones and osteosarcomas -- pointing to the existence of causal mechanisms by which fluoride damages bones. In addition, there is evidence, accepted by some eminent dental researchers and at least one leading United States proponent of fluoridation, that there is negligible benefit from ingesting fluoride, and that any (small) benefit from fluoridation comes from the action of fluoride at the surface of the teeth before fluoridated water is swallowed. Public health authorities in Australia and New Zealand have appeared reluctant to consider openly and frankly the implications of this and earlier scientific evidence unfavorable to the continuation of the fluoridation of drinking water supplies.

ETHICS and LEGAL abstracts/summary at ethics.htm

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  • Two letters from Justice Flaherty still to come

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BONE EFFECTS abstracts/summary at bones.htm
  • Hip fracture rates in seniors are rising in fluoridated areas and are increasing more rapidly than can be accounted for by an aging population.
  • Two studies show increased osteosarcomas in children (a rare, often fatal bone cancer).
  • New radiographic techniques show bone abnormalities in children with dental fluorosis (the teeth are a window to what is happening in the bones).
  • Bone abnormalities are seen in aborted fetuses born to mothers with dental fluorosis.
  • World Health Organization warns that ingesting 2.0 - 8.0 mg of fluoride per day (as little as 2 liters of fluoridated water) can lead to the pre-clinical stage (arthritis-like symptoms) of skeletal fluorosis (a crippling bone disease).
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DENTAL FLUOROSIS Abstracts/summary at flteeth.htm
See pictures and definition

Up to 69.2% of Canadian children in fluoridated communities now have dental fluorosis, a 59% increase since 1945. Although most of this reflects mild fluorosis, moderate to severe fluorosis is on the increase. Some fluoride proponents are thus advocating that: fluoride supplements be eliminated (<16% of eligible children take them); and, only a "pea-sized" portion of toothpaste be used for young children (the spitting mechanism is not fully developed until about age five). Even if a "pea-sized" portion of paste is used, many children still swallow all or most of the yummy-tasting fluoridated paste, therefore increasing their risk of developing fluorosis.

Some fluoride proponents are advising parents NOT to use fluoridated toothpaste for children under age three. Others say parents should only use a tiny smear just enough to wet a couple of bristles. See toothpaste advisory by Calgary Regional Health Authority, and Calgary & District Dental Society.

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NEUROLOGICAL -- BRAIN abstracts at brain.htm
  • Editorial, Neurotoxicity of fluoride, Fluoride, 1996, 29:2, 57-58
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REPRODUCTIVE abstracts/summary at sperm.htm

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Are Fluoride's benefits over-rated? abstracts at caries2.htm
Dentistry maintains that fluoride ingestion and topical fluorides are the principal factors involved in the decline of tooth decay in the last 50 years. Are there other factors involved in the decreasing caries rates and are the claimed benefits of fluoride over-rated?
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DEATHS/POISONING abstracts at poison.htm
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SUPPRESSION, Persecution, Attack
abstracts at censor.htm, enviro.htm
abstracts at fraud.htm skeletal.htm
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ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS abstracts at enviro.htm
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Fluoride: Protected Pollutant or Panacea?

Are the claimed benefits of ingesting fluoride over-rated
and the risks to our health and ecosystem under-reported?
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