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Hydrofluorosilicic Acid Specifications
Isn't tap water great? Yes, but many of us can NOT drink it.
Water is for everyone, fluoridation toxins are not

Notice the DO NOT SEND OUT highlighted in yellow.

It would seem that the supplier's are not too interested in sharing what toxic substances are found in their toxic waste “product” rated as COMMERCIAL GRADE, whatever that means. Although the acid itself is reported at 24% of the solution, which contains 6 atoms of elemental Fluorine, that elemental substance is present in the solution at 18.5% as the extremely poisonous elemental Fluorine gas in suspension in the fluid mix and 1% of the highly toxic Hydrogen Fluoride. Then there are significant amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium and other inorganic elemental substances. The word significant is used for this reason: if every truckload contains about 40 tons of this acid, that means that there are 1,270,058.6 mg of arsenic in that mix. That's a lot of arsenic. Maybe the truckload is 30 tons, it's still a lot of arsenic and other contaminants, even when disolved in the water, these will accumulate in our body and eventually harm our health in one way or another.

Lead, arsenic and mercury are forbidden by Ontario water safety regulations from being directly added to the water supply, but, somehow, they are allowed to be added indirectly with this acid, a toxic fluoride industrial waste chemical stew. Because this acid is supposed to be good for a few children's teeth? But wait a minute. What beverages do most children drink? Don't they consume mostly fruit juices, fruit drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, bottled water and so little actual tap water that any tooth medicine added to tap water may hardly have any impact at all even if adding this acid did work as claimed in reducing or preventing tooth decay?

A major omission in this spec sheet is the radioactive nucleotides. They have been shown to be present in results from independent labs when specifically asked for.

Do you still want to swallow this toxic mix with your drinking water?

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