Drop of Water Onto Surface of Water Is Fluoride Overdose Possible?

Water is for everyone, fluoride is not.

How much fluoride are you already swallowing?

Many beverages, baby foods, cereals, and juices are processed with fluoridated water, and vegetables having been sprayed with fluoride-based pesticides and fertilizers already contain unsafe levels of fluoride far above the amount suggested for artificial water fluoridation - 1 part per million (1 mg per liter of water).

In addition, it is impossible to control the amount of water any single individual drinks; therefore, it is impossible to control how much fluoride adults, children, and infants ingest.

Therefore - overdosing is inevitable.

The following tables of common U.S. foods and beverages tested by various
laboratories will show how easy it is to overdose on fluoride in most diets.

Sequoia Analytical
Redwood City, California, May 1998
  Dole Pineapple juice   0.78 ppm
  Lucerne 2% milk   0.72 ppm
  Snapple   0.29 ppm
  Coca Cola Classic   0.82 ppm
  Hansens Soda   0.45 ppm
  Minute Maid juice   1.20 ppm
  Capri Sun juice   0.37 ppm
  Gerber Strawberry juice   1.80 ppm
  Horizon milk (organic)   0.22 ppm
  Sunny Delight   0.31 ppm
  Pepsi   0.37 ppm
  Knudson Recharge   0.28 ppm
  Gerber White Grape   2.50 ppm

Expert Chemical Analysis, Inc.,
San Diego, California, June 1998
  Gerber Graduates Berry Punch   3.00 ppm
  Coca Cola Classic   0.98 ppm
  Minute Maid Premium Orange juice   0.98 ppm
  Aqua Fresh toothpaste for kids   192.00 mg/kg
  Kellogg's Fruit Loops cereal   2.10 mg/kg

Jupiter Environmental laboratories, Inc.
Jupiter, Florida, June 1998
  Gerber White Grape Juice   3.50 ppm
  Gatorade Punch concentrate   0.44 ppm
  Diet Coke   1.12 ppm
  Lipton Ice Tea   0.56 ppm
  Sprite   0.73 ppm
  Hawaiian Punch   0.85 ppm

Northwest Testing Laboratories
Portland, Oregon, July 1960
  Post Grape Nuts cereal   6.40 ppm
  Kellogg Shredded Wheat   9.40 ppm
  General Mill's Wheaties   10.10 ppm

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