Useful Documents for Presentations

  1. InTheBeginning_FluoridationSummaryAndCommentary.doc
  2. Short List of Canadian Medical Doctors that Oppose Fluoridation.doc
  3. List of Cities & Towns Without Fluoridation.doc
  4. Uses Made Of Treated Water.doc
  5. Toothlessness Report.doc
  6. NobelPrizeWinners.doc
  7. Terence Young Letter to Halton Council Jan 27 2012.pdf
  8. HydrofluorosilicicAcidSpecifications.doc
  9. What you don't know about Fluoridation.doc
  10. A Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride
  11. Another bibliography of scientific literature
  12. HFSA Not Proven Safe For Ingestion.doc.
  13. Books Published About Fluoridation.doc
  14. diseaseBurdenDifferences_N.vsS.IrelandFig1Pg6.jpg
  15. Inequalities in Mortality_N.vsS.Ireland_Fig3Pg10 .jpg
  16. Is There Science Behind Fluoridation.doc
  17. Pages from Engineering_Dimensions-September_October_2013.pdf : The Role of Professional Engineers in Fluoridation.pdf
  18. Moncton NB Water Engineer Jeff Arsenault speaks out against fluoridation.doc
  19. Drinking Water Fluoridation is Genotoxic & Teratogenic.doc
  20. Ex Dental Nurse Changes her Mind on Fluoridation.doc
  21. Pure Water is Essential to Life.doc
  22. Is the fluoridation just a massive experiment.doc
  23. hanmerLetter.jpg
  24. NoDenialOfNoHarm_[AMA].gif

Also, any or all of the 4 charts found on our web site at :

who-dmft.png W.H.O chart from a report to them on differences between fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries

prevalenceOfFluorosisByAgeGroups.gif Shows the amount of dental fluorosis in children 12 to 15 years of age is at 40.6% and those 16 to 19 at 36.1%.

fluorideVsLeadArsenicToxicity.gif Shows the relative toxicity of these three contaminants and how they differ in how they are permitted in the water supply.

FluoridationStatisticsChart.gif Shows the little difference that exists in tooth decay between Montreal and Toronto, yet Toronto has been fluoridated for over 50 years whereas Montreal has never been fluoridated.


The above printed list on its own, though appearing impressive, is in my opinion not sufficient to motivate a disinterested person to ask for any of the documents in the list.


A request needs to be made to Councillors and other decision makers regarding fluoridation: please obtain for yourself and for us, the scientific proof of safety of fluoridation, not a list of documents on fluoride, not a marketing message as usually sent by the Ottawa Public Health office, but real, valid, untainted, independent scientific evidence of safety, and the same for its purported effectiveness, in preventing tooth decay by fluoridation.


Have the Councillor ask that the MOH give him a copy of toxicology studies and Clinical trials that prove that adding the specific fluoridation chemical used is indeed safe and poses no danger to the health of Ottawa residents.

1. InTheBeginning_FluoridationSummaryAndCommentary.doc

A brief overview of the history of fluoridation with commentary published in Tone Magazine.


2. Short List of Canadian Medical Doctors that Oppose Fluoridation.doc The title is self explanatory


3. List of Cities & Towns Without Fluoridation.doc

This document shows that if Ottawa was to end fluoridation, it would join an ever growing list of cities and towns who are seeing the problems associated with fluoridation and are choosing to protect themselves and their residents prom any possibility of harm or future litigation.


4. Uses Made Of Treated Water.doc

This document clearly shows that treated water is clearly only used sparingly for drinking purposes. It is often attested by knowledgeable, qualified water engineers and operators that treated water is used less 1% for drinking purposes; some even claim that this value is less than 1/2% depending on the community. Being thus used in so many other ways makes it one of the most wasted resource in the City if used for medicinal purposes. Most competent water engineers and some knowledgeable water treatment plant operators will affirm that less than 1% of treated water is used for drinking.


5. Toothlessness Report.doc shows the futility of fluoridation: it doesn't work.


6. NobelPrizeWinners.doc 14 Nobel prize winners have voiced their opposition to fluoridation.


7. Terence Young Letter to Halton Council Jan 27 2012.pdf A parliamentarian's support of ending fluoridation in the Halton district of Ontario where he lives as a Member of Parliament.


8. HydrofluorosilicicAcidSpecifications.gif. Self explanatory. It specifies what's in the acid mix supplied to water treatment plants, but leaves out many that have been detected by independent laboratories. Why are they not reporting them in this specifications sheet?


Ask yourself how is it possible that a banned environmental contaminant can be put into a specially built tanker truck, because of its highly corrosive nature, and by being shipped to our water treatment plants, it is somehow magically transformed into a medicinal substance that can prevent or even reduce tooth decay. Now that 's amazing!


Proponents of fluoridation claim that fluoridation prevents tooth decay. Here's the proof.

The Taney County Health Department Board of Trustees passed a resolution endorsing the addition of fluoride to drinking water as a safe and effective method of preventing tooth decay. Not reducing, not treating, not stopping, not healing, not alleviating, not ending, not being an oral health measure, but preventing tooth decay. Ottawa says it's mandatory annual report for it's drinking water system: During the final treatment step, fluoride is added for prevention of dental cavities . Can it be any clearer than that. But, wait a minute. It can now be proven that it does not work and that it actually damages teeth.


We are told that swallowing fluoridated water will end or reduce tooth decay, however, fluoride is in toothpaste, and you don't swallow toothpaste. In the United States, they are told that if one swallows more toothpaste than is recommended for brushing one's teeth that one should call the poison control center. Why is that? Why not in Canada? Don't we fluoridate and brush our teeth the same as them?