Drops of Water Onto Surface of Water
Uses of Water Other than for Drinking
Isn't tap water great? Yes, but many of us can NOT drink it.
Water is for everyone, fluoride is not

Treated water is not just used for drinking.

Treated water is not just used for drinking, but also in many other ways, making it one of the most wasted resource in the City. Most competent water engineers and some knowledgeable water treatment plant operators will affirm that less than 1% of treated water is used for drinking.

Treated water is used for but not limited to:

  1. drinking
  2. cooking
  3. food processing
  4. juice and other beverage making
  5. flushing toilets
  6. washing dishes by hand
  7. washing dishes by machine
  8. washing clothes
  9. washing floors, windows, inside and outside walls
  10. washing cars, trucks, vans and driveways
  11. watering lawns
  12. watering gardens
  13. irrigating farm land
  14. washing streets
  15. putting out fires
  16. many industrial processes (cooling cutting wheels and drills, coolant for many other production processes, flushing of contaminants from industrial production, hydro-cutting of mechanical and electronic parts, etc)
  17. used in cooling towers for air conditioning
  18. many commercial applications (car washes, building window washing, building cleaning, flushing of hospital, business, restaurant and other commercial building toilets, etc)
  19. restaurant food preparation
  20. water fountains
  21. fish tanks
  22. swimming pools
  23. to generate steam in steam saunas
  24. spas (hot tubs)
  25. distillation for water purification purposes
  26. dialysis machines

It now becomes abundantly clear that water fluoridation is a tremendous waste of tax dollars, not counting that fluoridation does not save a single tooth from tooth decay, and it is therefore an abuse of this most valuable resource.

As silly as this may sound, does the grass on lawns have teeth that need fluoride to protect them from decay? Do fires have teeth that need fluoride to protect them from decay? Do swimming pools, streets, gardens, cars, have teeth? etc, etc… How about the water distribution pipes?

Consider as well that Ottawa's water distribution pipe infrastructure has many leaks that allow the contaminants of this “Fluoride” Hydrofluorosilicic acid to contaminate the environment in a way that was banned by the U.S. EPA as an environmental contaminant in the first place.

Ask yourself how is it possible that a banned environmental contaminant can be put into a specially built tanker truck, because of its highly corrosive nature, and by being shipped to our water treatment plants, it is somehow magically transformed into a medicinal substance that can treat tooth decay. Now that 's amazing!

Isn't it time you gave serious thought to ending fluoridation. How? Let's talk about it.

Join the conversation on Facebook and get informed. Do your own research independent of the government talking heads and uninformed official spokespeople. Come to one of our monthly meetings or meet with the president of Fluoridation-Free Ottawa to get the whole story on fluoridation.

Stop deferring to misinformed health authorities that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

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