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This web site is dedicated to the millions of people whose health is harmed in whatever way by the poisoning
with fluoride ions and co-contaminant chemicals added to our water and to our food because it's in the water.
This is an information web site so don't look for anything pretty or fancy
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YouTube Video - First Ottawa Conference - January 27, 2010
An Open Letter to the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Ottawa
Water is for everyone, fluoride is not
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City Hall Witness
See the City's council meeting schedule HERE and scroll down

Ground floor near the south entrance (Laurier St. is at the north entrance)

New location needed for meeting - Anyone?
Wheelchair accessible, plenty of parking needed!

Body and mind events against fluoride ions added to the water
by the City, witnessing to the truth about fluoridation

and yours too - among other bodily tissues, because,

Mandatory water treatment reports say it is put in the water to "prevent dental decay"
so Fluoride is used as a drug.
Adding Fluoride ions to the water does not make the water more drinkable.
Ask for drug & toxin free tap water.

Organize a community meeting
where I can motivate a crowd about ending fluoridation

Fluoridation-Free Ottawa is being re-branded to Safe Water Ottawa
Organize a meeting and find out why!
Contact email: for more information.
Or check out this Facebook fan page or this Facebook Community page for details.

Withdrawal of Consent to Tooth Decay Treatment by Water Fluoridation - special campaign to end fluoridation

A “Withdrawal of Consent” document to medication for tooth decay by “water fluoridation”

and “Withdrawal of Consent” covering letter

Click on this link to download a MS Word document for instructions on how to use.

Click on this link to download a MS Word document for a “Proof of Delivery” form.

A final individualized copy can be obtained from Safe Water Ottawa by contacting the President at

Learn about the Fluoride & Fluoridation Study Tracker
Just click on the "Study Tracker" words and discover the harm caused by fluoridation

Think about this: about 93% of the world does NOT intentionally fluoridate their public water supply.
The most fluoridated population
is North America. Wonder why? Do some research.
Health authorities are stuck "riding this tiger and they don't know how to get off" - Dr. J. William Hirzy
Why are India & China removing Fluoride from their sources of water supply? What do they know that is hidden from us? Why?

Read Christopher Bryson's book: "The Fluoride Deception" - He is a decorated investigative reporter.
Read "The Case Against Fluoride" by Connett (U.S.), Beck (Canada) and Micklem (U.K.)
Available on - - -
Read Fluoridation: Autopsy of a Scientific Error by Morin, Graham & Parent (Canada)

to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa

What Do You Know?
Fluoridation is the deliberate addition of a Hydrofluorosilicic acid mix of contaminants, a toxic fluoride industrial waste, into Ottawa's water supply for the explicitly but unproved, claim of “prevention of dental cavities.”
City of Ottawa web page on fluoridation,
Mandatory report to the Minister of the Environment
There are many health risks and known adverse health effects associated with this practice.
This webmaster is living proof of that.

"Second Look" health effects bibliography
Adverse health effects database.
See how they lie
Fluoride is not a mineral. Just how stupid can they be?
How it all started
Fluoridation was initially created for two major reasons hidden behind the United States national security and the prevention of tooth decay:
  1. to hide the fact that workers in industries and farmers, ranchers, townspeople and crops downwind from their factories were being poisoned and dying from exposure to this toxic fluoride industrial waste, they had to lower the likelihood of future lawsuits eating away at corporate profits;
  2. to turn the expensive disposal cost of their toxic fluoride industrial waste into a profit.
  3. Read Christopher Bryson's book, The Fluoride Deception for a complete explanation.
Where we are at now
Over 85 municipalities have abandoned or prevented implementation of Fluoridation since 1990, more than 40 of them since May 4, 2010.

Highy paid health bureaucrats continue to forcefully recommend the practice despite of increasingly mounting evidence that claims of reducing tooth decay are false and that there
are evident adverse health effects in a significantly large subset of the population.
New Improved Medical Officer Of Health Statement

Disinformation on Fluoridation Questions
Natural or man made fluoride can not be found in the air.
Greed and power know no bounds, and think nothing of feeding on human suffering.
The ‘dental caries prevention myth’ associated with fluoride, originated in the United States in 1939, when a scientist named Gerald J. Cox, employed by ALCOA, the largest producer of toxic fluoride waste and at the time being threatened by fluoride damage lawsuit claims, fluoridated some lab rats, falsified a conclusion that fluoride safely reduced cavities and claimed that it should be added to the nation’s water supplies. In 1947, Oscar R. Ewing, a long time ALCOA lawyer, was appointed head of the Federal Security Agency, a position that placed him in charge of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS). Over the next three years, eighty-seven new American cities began fluoridating their water, under pressure from the people under Ewing's direction, including the control city in a water fluoridation study in Michigan, part of the “Fluoride Trials,” thus eliminating the most scientifically objective test of safety and benefit before it was ever completed. Dr. Harold C. Hodge, PhD, Toxicologist, also participated in the deception on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Bomb project - see paragraph 4.

See also, The Fluoride Deception, Christopher Bryson, 2004, Major Figures in the Fluoride Story, p. xxxi.
See also, Fluoride: The Aging Factor, Seven Stories Press, 1993, Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, B.S., PhD, Biochemistry.
See also, The Case Against Fluoride, Chelsea Green Publishing, 2010, Connett, Beck & Micklem.
See also, Fluoridation: Autopsy of a Scientific Error, 2010, Morin, Graham & Parent.
Endorsements by unaccountable agencies like the CDA, ODA, CMA, OMA, Health Canada, U.S. EPA, CDC, WHO, and other organizations, are given despite the lack of toxicology studies for fluoridation chemicals: they've never been performed. This is a huge breach of public trust because adverse effects of fluoridation with this tooth medicine, the Fluoride ion, are well known and this drugging is done to all without knowledge or consent, without freedom of choice and without any medical follow up.
"The city of Ottawa's chief Medical Officer of Health is dismissing concerns from a fledgling Ottawa group that the presence of fluoride in the city’s water supply is harmful.
In a statement to the Citizen, Ottawa’s medical officer of health Dr. Isra Levy said Ottawa Public Health has reviewed a number of major studies that have examined the issue and concluded that fluoride poses no public health danger." Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 19, 2012.

Why does he not acknowledge that such studies are fundamentally flawed?
Why does he refuse to acknowledge the data that shows that the Fluoride ion in the water supply is a protoplasmic poison? THAT is a clear and present DANGER to everyone, all of the time!

He has refused to acknowledge all valid data that contradicts his belief, evidence made available to him for over three years by many people associated directly or indirectly with our group. Being blind to the truth does not mean that adverse health effects do not exist.
Proof that fluoride has been known to be a poison for a long time:
The Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept 18, 1943, Editorial, says: "Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons.”
which concurs with:
The Journal of the American Dental Association, Volume 23, page 568, April, 1936, titled "Fluorine in relation to bone and tooth development" by Floyd DeEds, Phd.
So, what happened since then? Fluoride hasn't changed. Social engineering of our perceptions is what's changed. Social engineering has made us accept it as if it was NOT harmful when it really IS harmful... It is a cumulative poison with a peculiar affinity to calcium.

The Fluoride ion (F-) released in the water supply will ruin the pipes of the water distribution infrastructure over time as surely as it will ruin the pipes feeding your own body.

Fluoride, Calcium, bones, teeth, pineal gland, ...

However, it's in such low doses that it takes many years for its effects to be felt in most people, so the source of the problem is a long way from its origins in time and difficult to demonstrate... but it's still there just as surely as our planet is in our galaxy in the milky way, also difficult to demonstrate yet nonetheless just as real.

The "pharmaceutical" grade fluoride compound (Sodium Fluoride) originally used by municipalities for fluoridation and in experiments has long since been replaced with a much cheaper and much more dangerous Hydrofluorosilicic acid solution that is sourced from fertilizer plant toxic fluoride industrial waste chemical fluids otherwise deemed too toxic to be released into the environment. Yet the vast majority of fluoride-treated water still ends up in the environment by way of our water supplies: less than 1% of treated water is used for drinking (see Uses Made Of Treated Water); the dosing of the water may be controlled but in no way does that translate to proper human dosage of what fluoridation critics call a medicine: it is indiscriminate and accumulates in the body: nobody controls the dose you get because you can drink as much water as you need or want; with chronic fluoride exposure from all sources and pathways, it makes for brittle teeth and bones, and triggers thyroid related diseases and many others, with all of its myriad attendant health effects, not the least of which are cancer, Alzheimers's, arthritis and so many others.

The unproven, unsafe, unnatural, unnecessary and unethical
practice of fluoridation has to end because:
Water is for everyone and Fluoride is not.
It uses an unapproved and unregulated chemical as a medicinal water additive!
And that's not right: fluoridation is only recommended, not mandated.

What to do about it!
Write a letter and an email to your city Councillor and ask that he take measures to end the practice of adding the toxic fluoride industrial waste chemical Hydrofluorosilicic acid to your tap water or provide compensation for obtaining alternative water not containing any of this toxic fluoride additive in it. Tell him/her that you know that there are known adverse health effects from using a fluoride water additive and that this practice must stop.

You will either get no response or a marketing propaganda message. Either way, write again that your concerns are not being addressed about the adverse health effects of water fluoridation and that you will do whatever it takes to stop this reckless, unproven, unsafe, unnatural, unnecessary and unethical practice.

Then join the revolution with the rest of us to stop this toxic waste from being added to your drinking water supply in Ottawa!

See letters already written starting here for inspiration if you are inclined to write more.

Public awareness must be increased to make the evidence more known to the residents of Ottawa so they can cause this practice to end by the express political will of our municipal politicians. They need to face the facts or face the consequences. Councillors are personally responsible and liable for all water additives; not the medical officers anywhere, not Health Canada, not the Ontario Ministry of Health, but the Councillors, individually and collectively.

Obtain media cooperation in publicizing the truth about water fluoridation.

Ads must be placed in all print, electronic and social media to raise that awareness.

Information leaflets need to be distributed door to door to all residents. Get leaflets here

Good tasting water is not always good for everyone. Many of us get sick by drinking it.

We need to hold well publicized public seminars and conferences in all possible public venues.

There are legal actions that can be taken to get the city to stop, but we'd rather not go there. It's complicated, makes people lose face; it can get very time consuming, frustrating and very expensive, but if we have to, we must.

to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa
Water fluoridation pollutes and contaminates a water supply that has been purified for drinking.
However, fluoridation does not reduce tooth decay and it certainly does not prevent it as claimed by its promoters.
And it causes dental fluorosis, the first sign of fluoride poisoning.
Later in life teeth crack and break: too brittle, crystallized and weakened.


Ontario citizens are commonly told that fluoride is a naturally occurring element and that the fluoride product used in drinking water is “safe and effective” (but both statements are false); what they are not being told is that the fluoride being bandied as "safe and effective" is either a silicofluoride such as sodium hexafluorosilicic (or one of its synonyms) or hydrofluorosilicic acid (or one of its synonyms). What Canadians do not know is that these silicofluoride substances used in tap water fluoridation are not safe based on
a) standard scientific evidence, and,
b) legal requirements in Ontario and 9 out of 13 provinces and territories in Canada.
The scientific and legal determination of safety is based on 2 types of research:
1. Animal studies (Toxicology studies), and
2. Human studies (Clinical trials).
Health Canada, provincial government agencies, professional engineers in charge of water utilities (OROs in Ontario), and municipalities across Canada know, or should know, that the actual fluoride products used in artificial water fluoridation (silicofluorides: H2SiF6, Na2SiF6) have been used for over 60 years with neither the required animal studies (Toxicology studies) nor the required human studies (randomized controlled Clinical trials) to determine safety in order to protect consumer safety and satisfy the legal requirements in Canada.

Health Canada, provincial government agencies, professional engineers in charge of water utilities, and municipalities across Canada know, or should know, that hydrofluorosilicic acid is an unregulated, unapproved medication, as stated clearly by Health Canada as follows:

•  HEALTH CANADA states the following in Petition #299 (Answer #3) to the Auditor General of Canada: “Health Canada does not regulate hexafluorosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride products, the actual products used in water fluoridation, which are allegedly used as a medical treatment to prevent dental disease.”

•  Health Canada, provincial government agencies, professional engineers in charge of water utilities (OROs in Ontario), and municipalities across Canada cannot make valid claims of treating and preventing tooth decay while promoting a product (hydrofluorosilicic acid) that has never been approved for such claims for either topical applications through oral exposure, systemic effects through ingestion, or trans-dermal exposures through the skin while bathing and showering. This has been done without our consent and without conducting the appropriate evaluation processes and approvals.

Health Canada, provincial government agencies and municipalities across Canada know, or should know, that any claims of safety for the fluoride products used in drinking water are not based on standard scientific protocols or the legal requirements in Canada.

"The evidence that fluoridation is more harmful than beneficial is now overwhelming and policy makers who avoid thoroughly reviewing recent data do so at risk of future litigation." Dr. Hardy Limeback, DDS, PhD.

The other thing we are not being told is that the Fluoride ion is what ends up in the water supply when the unpurified HFSA, along with all of its co-contaminants, is used as a water additive in the water supply in measured amounts until the total concentration of Fluoride ions downstream somewhere is measured to be more or less 0.7 ppm (ppm = parts per million, or parts of F- (the Fluoride ion) per 1 million parts of water), that is, 0.7 mg per liter of water, or 0.7 mg per kg of water. So if you drink the recommended two liters of water per day, you immediately reach the upper limit of the maximum recommended amount of Fluoride intake.

Anyone who exceeds that amount of water consumption such as
1) athletes in training or participating in their favourite sport,
2) most labourers working at their trade in the heat of the summer,
3) firemen putting out fires,
4) military personnel in the field, and,
5) numerous other people in activities that compel them to drink more than the recommended amount of water are automatically being overdosed with the Fluoride ion.

Have you ever heard of a drug being controlled by the amount of water you drink?
Have you ever heard of any drug being administered
1) without supervision?
2) without medical follow up,
3) without the consent of the recipient,
4) where a medical practitioner
     a) does not know the patient, or,
     b) does not know the patient's medical history?

We are also not being told that the Fluoride ion in the water supply is the most poisonous gas among all elemental gases, number one above Chlorine, Bromine and Astatine, and that both the American Medical and Dental Association were opposed to using Fluoride for mass drugging prior to the marketing campaign that led to its adoption as tooth medicine. Both had temporized caution on its use, that the Fluoride ion was a protoplasmic poison before the inception of the deception that Fluoride added to water supplies could or might be used as a tooth decay preventive, so, I repeat here again.

A) In the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), Volume 23, page 568, April, 1936, titled "Fluorine in relation to bone and tooth development" by Floyd DeEds, Phd., declared that
it is a protoplasmic poison, and
B) in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Sept 18, 1943, Editorial, it decared that:
"Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons"

The nature of fluoride has not changed since then, only our perception of it from powerful and ingenious marketing campaigns paid for by fluoride polluting industries.

Did you know that the people recommending that we be drugged with this unpurified water contaminant are neither pharmacologists, nor toxicologists, nor water treatment specialists, but mere health care managers and are therefore not qualified to recommend that this acid be used as a water additive to treat any kind of illness, be it tooth decay or anything else? Are they really qualified to tell us that this drug is safe and effective to swallow when added to the water supply? Have they personally studied the subject to be sure that they are right in their recommendations that are taken for granted by those they recommend it to, our municipal elected representatives? How many laws are being broken by deliberately adding this toxic fluoride industrial waste chemical acid to our water supply? water that everyone has to drink, ostensibly to treat a disease limited to a small target of the whole population, children, who in the whole, now seldom drink tap water but all manner of other beverages!

Follow the money: it's all about the bottom line of fluoride polluting factories; turn an expensive waste disposal problem into a profitable product; they don't care who or what it hurts: you and me, the environment and all its plants, animals, fish, and all manner of aquatic life; and, what about the babies, and the frail and the elderly?
Fluoridation is unproven, unsafe, unnatural, unnecessary and unethical and unlawful.

The case against water fluoridation - you will never look at tap water the same way again.
Water is for everyone, fluoride is not

to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa
Go to Letters to Councillors | TAKE ACTION page | Main information page
Many more continue to do so every month
Proper nutrition with nutrient rich foods is the cure to tooth decay.
Fluoridation is an incentive to eat improperly and fail to look after your teeth.

The Health Canada Fluoridation Review:
does not mention the acid by name, dismisses adverse health effects, uses subterfuge to discredit contrary evidence, etc.

The Technical Document is available here:
Join the Fluoride Action Network FAN today
for the latest in news, events and science on fluoridation.

Tap water is a great thing to have, but many of us can NOT drink it!
Why? Because it contains hydrofluorosilicic acid! and a lot of other toxic substances in its final solution
Please join our Safe Water Ottawa Facebook group. Click here. Thank you.
Facebook Group
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Latest FAN News
Watch this video!
The maximum contaminant safe level for arsenic and mercury in food, water and beverages is zero. They are cancer causing. The safe level of lead is also set at zero: it's a known neurotoxin just like the *fluoride* chemicals used in water fluoridation. Fluorides have also been known to cause cancer since 1988. Let's understand the water fluoridation situation in this context. Industrial pollution typical of toxic waste fluoride emitting industries
Industrial pollution typical of toxic waste fluoride
Water treatment plants purify the water to make it drinkable, using various expensive filtration and chemical processes, then once the water is purified, treatment plants add an unapproved, untested and unregulated, highly hazardous, toxic waste product to it called hydrofluorosilicic acid that contains cancer causing, neurotoxic chemicals to it!
Ottawa's drinking water is laced with an acid obtained as a liquid from the wet scrubbing system of the smoke stacks of the super phosphate fertilizer industry. Up to 8 lbs of LEAD and 2.8 lbs of ARSENIC are in every 40 ton truck load delivered to our city's water treatment plants. In addition it can also contain many inorganic substances such as cadmium, radon, radium, phosphorus, selenium, mercury, uranium238, polonium, chromium and often even others. These are NOT removed before this toxic stew is injected into our purified water supply, contaminating it with carcinogenic and neurotoxic elements. Click here for the specifications of the acid used.
Join with others in getting rid of this poison from your tap water. Send us an email at:
Safe Water Ottawa aka Fluoridation Free Ottawa:

Use of a harmful industrial grade product like hydrofluorosilicic acid instead of a pharmaceutical grade of fluoride is a "dirty substitute" for a doubtful outcome.
Directory of Canadians Opposed to Artificial Water Fluoridation

Documentation for Presentation to Councillors
Persons who might influence cessation
Click here

Withdrawal of Consent to Tooth Decay Treatment by Water Fluoridation - special campaign to end fluoridation

A “Withdrawal of Consent” document to medication for tooth decay by “water fluoridation”

and “Withdrawal of Consent” covering letter

Click on this link to download a MS Word document for instructions on how to use.

Click on this link to download a MS Word document for a “Proof of Delivery” form.

A final individualized copy can be obtained from Fluoridation-Free Ottawa by contacting the President at

Known Fluoride Free and Nearly Fluoride Free Restaurants
Fluoride free means that they use distilled water in all their food and beverage preparation.
Nearly fluoride free means that they use another fluoride removal process
for water used in all their food and beverage preparation.

Why Stop | Fluoride & Crime | Fluoride Poisoning | Neurodegenerative Changes | Dirty Fluoride
It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest Sharon Cornish - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
We've an abundance of fresh water, yet we dump toxins in it like hydrofluorosilicic acid to fluoridate our tap water.

How insane is that?



Fluoridation Health Hazard Warning Handbills & Leaflets

Cities that have quit fluoridating since 1990

**Prevalence & Severity of Dental Fluorosis in the U.S. 1999-2004**
NCHS Data Brief, Number 53, November 2010, Table 2.
Children aged 12-15 in 1999-2004 had higher prevalence of dental fluorosis (40.6%)
compared with the same aged children in 1986-1987

Review of City of Ottawa References in Support of Water Fluoridation

Credible Statements Adobe .pdf download. Web page copy here
Dr. Flanagan, Assistant Director of the American Medical Association (AMA), 1965,
makes completely clear that the AMA refuses to say that fluoridation is harmless and
that no studies were ever done on fluoride side effects.
Click here for the actual letter.

Water Report - Fluoridation Contaminates Water
Getting safe water, free or nearly free of Fluoride ions

Fluoridation and the Osteosarcoma Connection Elise Basin Research Thesis
2 .pdf files: fluoride_osteosarcoma.pdf & osteosarcomaBassinThesisConnett.pdf

More videos: Ottawa Meeting | Mercola Interviews Connett | Fluoride Spill | Austin Meeting | Dr Blaylock
*** Fluoridation - At Any Cost *** Dr. Hardy Limeback. DDS *** | Moratorium call - EPA HQ Union

Fluoridated vs non-fluoridated Canadian municipalities

Petition the City for a moratorium on Fluoridation using this document.


Hydro-/Hexa-fluorosilicic Acid, Fluoro-/Fluo-silicic Acid - H2SiF6 - it's all the same thing
Solvay MSDS | Mosaic MSDS
Hydrofluosilicic acid 20-30%- Brenntag Canada Inc.- January 16 2009.pdf
Criminality & Fluoridation as a Word file
Austin fluoridation debate

Class action Lawsuit Template
Here's the poison that's going into our water!
Read page 2, “Fluoride is a bone seeker” & “Ingestion and skin contact may cause an abnormal reduction of blood calcium (hypocalcemia) and kidney damage since fluorides precipitate calcium stored in the body.” & “There may also be heart, asthma, nerve, intestinal and rheumatism problems.”

20 Questions No One Is Asking

♦ Download this great poster => There is Poison in Ottawa Tap Water

Public Health Issues: Videos and information by Jim Bjork, Huntsville Ontario

Environmental Fluoride - National Research Council of Canada - 1977

External Links - Fluoridation Fraud Timeline
Both updated at irregular intervals as data is acquired

to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa

Fluoride : It's Pollution : George Glasser

U.S. Centers for Disease Control: Surveillance for Certain Health Behaviors Among States and Selected Local Areas 2008
The following states have high fluoridation rates yet still have among the highest tooth loss rates – above the national average (median 18.4%):

(92% fluoridated) West Virginia 37.8
[94% fluoridated] Tennessee 31.5% toothless
[80% fluoridated] Missouri 26.2
[83% fluoridated] Alabama 26.0
[100% fluoridated] Kentucky 23.7
[96% fluoridated] Georgia 23.1
[95% fluoridated] South Carolina 22.7%
[80% fluoridated] Maine 21.9
[95% fluoridated} Indiana 21.7
[88% fluoridated] North Carolina 21.3
[89% fluoridated] Ohio 20.8
[96% fluoridated] North Dakota 20.1%
Compare the above rates of toothlessness to Hawaii which is 8% fluoridated- 9.6% tooth loss.
A 2007 report about 2002 statistics from the mostly fluoridated Republic of Ireland shows a high toothless rate: “Overall, 40.9% of the 65+ age group were edentulous” [edentulous = toothless].

Goodman SD, Kay O. 2006 Preventing tooth decay and infective endocarditis using natural oligopeptides. United States Patent 7,087,228 issued August 8, 2006.

“- many toothpastes and mouth rinses contain toxic supplements such as fluoride and triclosan that can be toxic to very young children. Further, most oral bacteria are benign and are actually important for oral health. Consequently, an overall reduction in oral bacteria is not a practical means to prevent tooth decay. For example, when the level of certain oral bacteria is reduced (e.g., after prolonged use of antibiotics), an overgrowth of indigenous yeast occurs, resulting in a disorder known as Thrush.”

Vandana KL, Reddy MS. 2007 Assessment of Periodontal Status in Dental Fluorosis Subjects using Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs. Indian Journal of Dental Research 18(2):67-71.

“The results suggest that there is a strong association of occurrence of periodontal disease in high-fluoride areas.”
Carole Clinch, BA, BPHE
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

We can only stop the mass poisoning of people animals and the planet by fluoridation when good people stand up, get involved and help.
"There are a few that have been doing the work so far for the benefit of all. Please get involved for your health's benefit and that of others, your pets and the planet.
We do have the chance here to make a difference but it can't without everyone who can help pitching in. Please join us in this regaining of our free choice as to what we put into our bodies..."

From Cathy and Wayne Justus, Palette J Ranch Quarter Horses, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, whose 6 pure bred horses and 2 dogs died from fluoride poisoning after Pagosa Springs began fluoridating its water.
They stopped the fluoridation after people of Pagosa Springs were outraged when learning that the cause of the death of their horses and dogs was from fluoride ingestion because it was in the water.
(Action Fluor Québec)
Cliquer pour quelques vidéos français
Fluoruration terminée
à Verchères

Fluoruration de Mont-Joli?

Extensive bibliography on fluoridation. Shows definite proof of harm.

Learn about mercury-free and fluoride-free dentistry
How can we let our government Ministers of Health, the C.M.A., the C.D.A., the O.M.A., the O.D.A. other prestigious alphabet organizations, and Ottawa's Medical Officer of Health (MOH) to get away with promoting the addition of toxic poisonous fluoride waste pollutants from fertilizer factories to be intentionally added to drinking water supplies and compulsively force every person to ingest a daily drugging of such a poisonous fluoride substance? Click HERE for answers.


Clinch CA, Parent G, Morin P 2011 Executive Summary - Law Review submitted to Auditor General of Canada
Petition #221, 243, 244, 245, 299 to the Auditor General of Canada, Clinch, Parent, Morin
Notice of Liability: in preparation
Laying an Information:
The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing
— Albert Einstein

to Fluoridation-Free Ottawa

Join the Fluoride Action Network FAN today
for the latest in news, events and science on fluoridation.
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